"It’s really hard when we have a full schedule since we aren’t able to sleep, so we get emotionally and physically tired. But every time that happens, I see that the other eight members are performing as much as I am while being as tired as I am. They, being my members, are my companions, and I get the strength to continue on. I just get strength from them because we’re together."


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Sojung has successfully finished facial surgery, but she has still not been informed about EunB and Rise. Upon seeing family and staff members continually going around in mourning attire, she reportedly asked “why does everyone keep wearing black?”. Nobody has yet informed her, and she has not asked again. 

Sojung seems like she’s aware of her surroundings, and she is able to see. So, this is positive news for the most part.

cr: (source, translated by /u/evenastoppedclock) @ reddit